Local Election 2016

Anne  Shorrock

Anne Shorrock

Conservative Party
North Heywood Ward

 I am your Conservative Candidate in North Heywood Ward in the local elections on Thursday 5 May.

If you feel strongly about Conservative values and you would like to see more Conservatives on Rochdale Council to further empower those that are already there, then I am that person.

I was born and brought up in North Heywood and have fond memories of attending All Souls’ Primary School during the 1940s. My family were local dairy farmers at Primrose Hill Farm on Rochdale Road East from the mid-1800s to the death of my father in 1956.

My parents were James and Hilda Whitworth who were the third generation of Whitworths to farm there.

They helped to keep the nation fed and supplied Heywood with milk between the two World Wars.

Coming from a farming family, I am a keen supporter of British produced food.

We still have local farms in the area, but unfortunately farming is on the decline in this part of the North West and the land is being sold off for housing but not social housing.

That could change if we had more Conservative Councillors.

However, there are still a lot of young people interested in taking on farming as a career, and not necessarily coming from a farming background, and they are to be admired.

These young people will be the future guardians of our countryside and will help to produce food for our ever growing communities. Our Labour-run Council should be looking at Brownfield sites for social housing of which there are many throughout the Borough not good farming land!

The local elections are very important and you should use your vote wisely.

Lots of issues are affecting our towns and countryside at this time - you should vote for someone who you think could help to make a difference to your area, and that person is a Conservative.

Do you really want to go back to the days of spend, spend, spend, and to see nothing for it?

The Conservatives were forced to do what they had to do.

Do you really want more Labour in your area?

I have seen a lot of Heywood countryside disappear for housing (and not social housing which is what we need) and for distribution centres and industrial estates which we were told would bring jobs, but how many I wonder, as computerisation has taken over the manual employee?

This has been down in the main to your Labour-run Council.

Local elections are about local issues.

You need Councillors who are on your side who listen to your views and act on your concerns.

Your local Councillor should be seen regularly throughout the year, on your street, not just sitting on Committees.

They are out there addressing the issues that matter to the man on the street, not promoting some ideology that paints them in a rosy glow!

Some candidates get elected and then forget those who voted for them until it’s time to vote again and then they wonder why they lose their seat.

A good Conservative Councillor keeps in touch with their electorate by being available and by regular newsletters not just monthly surgeries.

We like to tell our electorate what we have done and that we are here all year round not just at election time to assist them with their concerns.

We need more Conservatives on Rochdale Council.

Give the local Conservatives a chance to do something positive for North Heywood.

The Council is awash with Labour who have too much power and their own agenda.

For true democracy you can only change that by voting Conservative on Thursday 5 May.

Anne Shorrock
Conservative Candidate for North Heywood

Local Election 2016