Local Election 2016

Karen  Winkler

Karen Winkler

Conservative Party
Castleton Ward

 I am delighted to have been selected to stand as the Conservative Candidate for Castleton in this year’s local elections. I am a young, married, working woman with two children, so I understand and share many of the concerns you have about how our borough is run. I work (part time) in education and have a supportive family network, and want to dedicate time to serving the community.
Week after week I hear the same stories in the press of hardship, poverty and disgrace, from a Labour run council who always seem to be at the heart of our borough’s shame. I am fed up of hearing that our area is the worst there is and that we are at the bottom of yet another league table.
We are proud people and our area has a lot to celebrate. With your support on 5 May I want to stand up for decent, hard working people like you and challenge the status quo. I will fight for:


  • Better roads, with fewer pot holes and poor quality patchwork repairs.
  • Increased community policing to tackle drugs and crime, so that we can all walk the streets, day or night without fear.
  • Clean safe places for our children to play, free from dog fouling and litter.
  • Good quality local jobs for local people who want to provide for their families.
  • Dignified care for the elderly.
  • 24/7 local medical services which meet the needs of busy working people.
  • The protection of our beautiful green spaces against development.
  • Less wastage of council funds so that everyone can benefit from better public services. 


Castleton is currently a one-party state, represented by councillors who are out of touch with regular working people. With your support on Thursday 5 May I would like to reconnect Castleton and be a strong voice for you and your family.

If you give me your vote I promise to listen, act with integrity and always do my best for Castleton.

Local Election 2016