Local Election 2016

Kitt  Budd

Kitt Budd

Liberal Democrat Party
Smallbridge & Firgrove Ward

I live right in the heart of Smallbridge and Firgrove on Eafield Road.

I am standing for election because I want to make a positive difference for my area.

Born and bred in Rochdale - I have seen how our area has deteriorated over the past few years.

Our Labour Councillors are anonymous - they never keep in touch and it’s time for a change.

Looking round my area, it's clear that there is much work to do.

I have never seen our streets in such a poor state.

Since, I announced I was standing for election, I have been inundated with requests from local residents.

Reggie Lane from The Cray tells me that our streets are the filthiest they have ever been. Reggie's in a wheelchair and has to wear gloves because of persistent dog fouling.

I want to give people like a Reggie a voice. Never again will people be ignored by a complacent council.

Residents from The Cray tell me their streets resemble a racetrack.

It wouldn't surprise me if there was a serious accident.

I have asked the Council to look into road traffic issues in my area before it's too late.

One thing people tell me is that they don't feel safe. When was the last time you saw police officers patrolling? I will move heaven and earth to improve police viability.

I am currently doing a degree in Social Policy at the University of Salford. As someone with a young family, studying full time has been a challenge. Travelling to Salford every day has been difficult. That's why I fully back the local Lib Dem policy of university courses being taught at Hopwood Hall and Rochdale Sixth Form College.

If elected in May, I will continue my popular street surgeries. I will restore people's faith in politics after years of Labour neglect. I will work all year round - not just at Election Time.

Local Election 2016