Local Election 2016

Neil  Rutter

Neil Rutter

Green Party
Central Rochdale Ward

Local, Sustainable, Fair vote for a fresh voice

Imagine a town that was run in the interests of everyone.

Imagine thriving communities served by local businesses providing plentiful job opportunities. Where all parts of the town were provided with modern,energy efficient housing, and with green space a short walk away.

This is the Green Party's vision for Rochdale. A town that has a great heritage, the birthplace of the cooperative movement. A movement that started in Rochdale and is now a global phenomenon but largely forgotten and ignored by the established parties. The Rochdale Green party wants to embrace the co-operative spirit of Rochdale by working for the 'common good'

This is a great town, and we have all the talent and resources we need to make this vision a reality.

Our local manifesto for Rochdale is available at the following web address

In the manifesto we have policies that cover five key areas

Land Use

The 100 acre asbestos site that was once Turner & Newall (Asbestos) has now been derelict & dangerous since 2004. Rochdale council have failed to act in the best interests of its residents. This major toxic waste site has been a political football with all the major parties making promises that they do not keep once the elections are over.


An affordable, quality home is one of our most basic human needs.

We will take steps to make sure everyone can have an affordable and sustainable home.

Local Economy

We will encourage small and medium sized firms, which have roots in their local communities.

We will encourage social enterprises and promote these to businesses and the public.


Switching to renewable energy makes sense on so many levels.

We could keep control of our energy at the local level, instead of allowing big energy companies to make decisions and set prices. A green energy revolution in the town would create investment, training and jobs.

We will support community based and locally owned renewable energy schemes.

We will make sure the Council gets all its electricity from green suppliers.

Waste & recycling

Waste can either be a problem, or an opportunity.

We deserve to have our waste collected regularly and reliably. We also deserve to have a good system for what to do with it once it’s been taken away.

We will follow Scotland in banning waste food and other organic material being sent to landfill.

We will aim to recycle 70% of domestic waste by 2020, and then move towards a zero waste system.

Vote Green this May, for a fresh voice, and a real alternative to business as usual politics.

Neil Rutter

Twitter: Neil Rutter @YourGreenVote

Local Election 2016