Local Election 2016

Richard  Whitaker

Richard Whitaker

UK Independence Party
South Middleton Ward

Hello, I am your UK Independence Party candidate for the May council elections.

I have lived in Middleton for 10 years, am married with 2 children currently being educated locally in this Ward. I use various Medical Services here too, and know how hard it is to get appointments.

Last year I was the UKIP Candidate in this Ward. In 2014, UKIP took 781 votes here.

In 2015, 1500 people voted for me. Labour won, but people have been telling me that support is building for a change of direction from what's currently on offer, from the Labour block in the Council.

I am asking for your support in this election and promise, if elected, to do my best for the people of our community.

What’s important to me?

It’s all about people:

  • Care for the elderly – Coordinating voluntary and professional care, for me this is a priority. 
  • Young people – Far too many still out of work – thorough careers advice and access to apprenticeship schemes is essential. 
  • Local business and shops – They deserve our support, I will not support any developments which harm their interests.
  • Building on green belt/green field sites – I am against it, our countryside needs protecting. 
  • Local libraries – They always seem under threat but I believe they provide an essential resource for the community. 

Middleton Arndale Centre: NHS walk-in-Centre - I have personally supported the petition call, to keep the current concept, as other options seem cumbersome at the point of access.

The fate of the Walk-in-Centre is still to be decided. The contract for the walk-in provision has been extended by NHS England until March 2017.

I will be a strong voice on this!

Please vote for your fresh UKIP Candidate Richard Whitaker, ready and eager to represent your concern in the South Middleton Ward.

I pledge to you that if elected in May 2016, I will ensure that you are properly represented, that your ideas and needs are put forward to Council and that I shall attend Council meetings.

Please contact me with any suggestions you have for a better South Middleton now as I prepare to represent you in this year.

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