Local Election 2016

Robert  Mudd

Robert Mudd

UK Independence Party
East Middleton Ward

I am your UK Independence party candidate for East Middleton.

I am at present a Maintenance Engineer for a Rochdale company.

I have lived in Rochdale Borough for 32 years, 20 of them in East Middleton.

I know the issues that concern the people of this ward and Middleton has a whole:

Shrinking health care, such as the threat to Middleton walk in centre (reprieved now until next year?) and the pressure exerted for the removal of Crumpsal A+E.

The new housing estate that is being built on former green belt land of the Heywood stretch, 246 new houses, and a further 80 on Langley lane proposed.

New housing is needed to accommodate those Middleltonians in need.

However it appears that an influx of people from outside the borough is proposed. These increases in population should be accompanied by an increase in infrastructure, schools, medical centres etc.

Funded at least in the short term by central government.

Middletonians should not lose their place in the queue for services or shoulder the burden of disproportionate taxes, local or governmental.

If I am fortunate to be elected, I will attempt to foster cooperation between the separate parties were possible.

To bring about more efficiency in the use of council funds and the retention of our services.

Local Election 2016