Local Election 2010

Carol   Elizabeth Wardle

Carol Elizabeth Wardle

Labour Party
Hopwood Hall Ward

“Rochdale Council should hang its head in shame”

I normally like to be positive, so I’m sorry for using that negative phrase. With Rochdale Council under Liberal Democrat control since 2006, you might think that phrase comes straight from a Labour or Tory leaflet. No, it comes from a leaflet put out by the Lib Dems themselves.

The latest Lib Dem spin is to put out leaflets highlighting problems with ‘The Council’. The leaflets are full of ‘The Council’ this and ‘The Council’ that – as if it were nothing to do with them!

The Lib Dems have run your council for the last 4 years, so any bad news from ‘The Council’ is Lib Dem bad news.

‘The Lib Dem Council’ failed to grit our roads during the bad winter weather and wants to destroy lovely green fields at Birch, Hareshill and Langley Lane and use them for industry.

‘The Lib Dem Council’ closed care centres like Saxonside that looked after elderly and ill people and treated residents of Springfield Close in a most disgusting manner over their warden.

‘The Lib Dem Council’ slashed the pay of many front line council staff in the pay and regrading review, whilst wasting £2 million of YOUR council tax on fancy spin doctors in the media unit.

So, please don’t be hoodwinked by the Lib Dem attempt to insult your intelligence. They run ‘The Council’- they are responsible for its failures.

Sorry about the negative bit. Here are some of the things I’ve been doing as your local councillor: 

  • I hold 48 advice surgeries a year – more than any other councillor apart from my 2 Hopwood Hall colleagues, Councillors Emmott & Robinson 
  • I keep in touch via our monthly councillor’s report leaflet 
  • I’ve collected over 500 signatures in my petition for better gritting and snow clearing 
  • I have always championed our green belt. I fought against the Hareshill landfill with local residents and I’m fighting against the new plans to destroy more green fields at Birch, Hopwood, Hareshill and Langley Lane 
  • I supported Hopwood parents to find a new home for Siddal Moor play group and to keep the ‘Before & After School’ club at Hopwood Primary school
  • I have worked alongside local residents to solve the traffic problems in Hopwood 
  • I supported Hollin residents to replace the old ‘Orlit’ style houses that were in danger of falling down 
  • I fought to get rubbish cleared near Hopwood Woods at Cooper Fold and for new parking spaces on Hopwood Rd 
  • I supported residents in getting rid of the eyesore of the kick pitch on Tintern Rd and having a new multi-sports facility sited away from people’s homes 
  • I supported Gladewood residents concerned about children throwing loose stones and chippings at their homes from an unmade path – the path has now been levelled to prevent this 
  • I fought for the improved street lighting and environmental improvements at Pot Hall, Plum Mill and St. James 
  • I fought for alley gates to be installed behind many homes in Hopwood, Pot Hall and St James

Regardless of which party you normally support. I ask for your support on May 6th so that I may continue to work on your behalf.

Best wishes,



Local Election 2010