Local Election 2016

Andrew  Neilson

Andrew Neilson

Conservative Party
Healey Ward

I had the privilege of representing YOU on Rochdale Council from 2010 until 2015.

During this time I helped in bringing about a number of improvements in our area. These include:


  • Installation of improved street lighting
  • The removal of fly tipping
  • Many recycling initiatives
  • The speedy eviction of illegally squatting travellers
  • Securing grit boxes
  • Support for the “20 is plenty” campaign to make our streets safe for children
  • The re-surfacing of roads and many more measures


This has been against a background when as one former Labour minister in 2010 said “There is no money left".

It takes real determination in such circumstances to achieve results. I like to think that given a further term, there is much more I could do for Healey.

I cannot promise to wave a magic wand and bring about solutions to all the problems that face our ward.

But I can promise that I will be vigilant in ensuring that Healey gets the funding it needs for the likes of roads, policing, green spaces and schools.

I will continue to try my utmost to resolve all the issues which concern Healey residents.

I can be contacted as follows:

Tel: 01706 639291

Mobile: 07763 901051


Together we can win back Healey

Local Election 2016