Local Election 2016

Richard  Duckworth

Richard Duckworth

Conservative Party
Kingsway Ward

I was born and live in Lowerplace which is part of Kingsway ward.

As a child I attended Saint Peter's nursery and later Saint Mary's Primary School where my mother Christine taught and later became the head teacher.

I think we need a change in Kingsway ward, it's not good for democracy to have ‘safe’ seats with three councillors from the same party, I think the ward suffers because there is no opposition.

Our streets are some of the worst in Rochdale and there is litter and fly tipping everywhere, a walk down to the Oldham Road shops will be an eye opener to anyone who visits.

It’s simply not good enough.

I am young and I want to bring new energy to the ward. It's time for a change in Kingsway.

Local Election 2016