Local Election 2016

Robert  McLean

Robert McLean

Conservative Party
Littleborough Lakeside Ward

I am thrilled to be the Conservative candidate for the Littleborough Lakeside ward.

I am a local man born and raised in Rochdale with a mother who taught me to believe in clear principles of working hard, responsibility and fairness.

I work within a social enterprise which manages healthcare centres in the borough and wider in Greater Manchester; I am used to working hard, campaigning for what I believe in and seeing results. I have two young daughters and so also appreciate the need for us to provide a safe and secure environment and encourage all our children to reach their full potential.

During this campaign I have been excited to meet so many residents in the ward, listen to your concerns and issues and start helping towards solutions. What has been clear is that you care about your community and your local Conservative team share in that feeling.

I have been delighted to work with Cllr, Ann Stott and the Pennines team, and if elected on Thursday 5 May, I can guarantee that I will continue to work hard in standing up for the issues that matter to the local community.

I share the priorities I have heard from you, these being:

  • Tougher planning decisions and an awareness of the impact on traffic congestion;
  • Protection of our green field sites;
  • Long term solutions to flooding issues throughout the ward;
  • Extra investment for road and pavement repairs;
  • Much needed car parking for the centre of Littleborough;
  • More funding for the ward’s various community groups and events.

I was humbled to work alongside residents following the Boxing Day floods to help those many who were affected, you showed that together so much can be accomplished.

I look forward to the opportunity to work with you again and support Cllr Stott and your local Conservatives team in serving this ward and the Pennines.

I can only do this with your support on Thursday 5 May.

Local Election 2016