Local Election 2016

John Swarbrick

Liberal Democrat Party
Littleborough Lakeside Ward

This election is one of the most important elections we've had for years. It's not exactly a referendum on Simon Danczuk but its clear the Labour vote is collapsing in places like Littleborough Lakeside because of Labour's support for our MP.

Mr Danczuk, supported by local Labour Councillors has really brought our town down. When many parts of Littleborough were under water at Christmas - he was pictured having a curry miles away. No amount of apologising will make us his forget his self-serving attitude.

I was pleased when Lib Dem Leader Tim Farron personally intervened to ensure this Government applied for European funding to finally get to grips with the flooding. If elected in May, this will be one of my priorities.

One of the great things about Littleborough are its open spaces. The Littleborough Lakeside Ward is one the jewels in Rochdale's crown.

Protecting our open spaces is another priority. This Labour Council have left all our green spaces vulnerable because their planning policy is over 30 years old. The fact that we are relying on an ancient Unitary Development Plan should shame this Labour Council. Adopting a fair, local planning policy is one of the first things I will push if elected.

I want to see this Council finally keep a promise on pot-holes and pavements.

There is nothing more inevitable than a raft of promises by Labour just before the local elections. You can't fool everybody all of the time.

The recent announcement by Labour of £1,000,000 to fix our broken roads and pavements is pie in the sky.

The state of our streets is symbolic of Labour's neglect of our Town. Enough is enough - it's time for a fresh start.

I fully back the local Liberal Democrat Manifesto including sharing Council Services with other councisl. Then investing the money in our Townships to start to fix Labour's mess.

A vote for the Liberal Democrats is a vote for actions... not words.

Local Election 2016