Local Election 2016

David  Fenwick-Finn

David Fenwick-Finn

Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts
Central Rochdale Ward

I'm Dave Fenwick-Finn, the TUSC (Trade Union and Socialist Coalition) against cuts candidate for Central Ward, the only candidate standing for election in this ward who is explicitly against the cuts.

I'm sure you've all seen that Rochdale council are making millions of pounds worth of cuts to services.

You may be blaming the council for these cuts - and the council certainly has a case to answer, because in common with their fellow councils across greater Manchester, their reaction has been one of passivity - but they do not bear the ultimate responsibility for these vicious, malevolent, politically motivated cuts.

The ultimate responsibility for this can be placed firmly at the doorstep of the tory government, who year on year are reducing money to local government, until 2020, by which point councils may well not be able to meet their legal obligations because they no longer have the money to do so.

Ask yourselves this question. How are you going to feel when a service vital to you, your mum, dad, children, relatives, friends, neighbours, disappears? Because they will. You may well be thinking that "they're not affecting me"- but they will, because the scale of the cuts yet to come will ensure that.

So when you vote on 5 May, do you think the other candidates will be defending your interests in the face of the tory onslaught?

Because if you don't, there's only one place you can put you cross on 5 May - Dave Fenwick Finn, TUSC against cuts.

Local Election 2016