Heywood & Middleton - General Election 2017

Liz  McInnes

Liz McInnes

Heywood & Middleton Constituency

It has been my privilege to serve as your MP since 2014 and I am proud of the work I’ve done in giving a voice in parliament to the people of Heywood and Middleton.

Far too many people and local services here are struggling under this Tory government. Since 2010 the Tories have slashed:

  • More than £140 million from Greater Manchester Police, meaning fewer bobbies on the beat.
  • More than £28 million from Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service, putting lives at risk.
  • More than £200 million from Rochdale Council, hitting essential services including social care.

Their plans to change education funding would see schools in Heywood, Middleton, Bamford, Castleton and Norden lose £6.5million – the equivalent of 140 teachers.

At the same time, they have borrowed more in seven years than the last Labour government did in 13. So they’re not just making cruel cuts, but they’re incompetent too.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Instead of Tory tax cuts for millionaires, attacks on essential public services, and needless fights between the government and doctors, nurses and teachers which let patients and parents down, we can build a fairer Britain where we invest in essential public services and put the interests of the many, not the few, first.

Labour will stand up for pensioners, protecting the pension triple lock, and we will focus on what matters most in our schools – reducing class sizes and improving teaching standards.

Standing up for local services

As your MP I have fought Tory cuts which have threatened our NHS, social care, schools and more. I have stood alongside staff from Middleton Walk-In Centre and Heywood Delivery Office fighting against the closure of their service, and I will always stand up for our essential local services and fight for more investment, not less.


In line with the majority of voters here, I voted to trigger Article 50 and begin the Brexit process. I don’t believe we can trust the Tories to negotiate a Brexit deal which works for us here. I will fight for a Brexit deal which protects our economy, local jobs, and our rights at work. It’s vital that we get a good deal over Brexit – nobody who voted to Leave voted to lose money.


Devolution offers a fantastic opportunity for Greater Manchester. We have a chance to transform our local public transport, improving bus and rail connections, and there will be huge opportunities to attract jobs and growth to the region. I am determined to see that Heywood, Middleton, Bamford, Castleton and Norden benefit fully from this, and I will work with our Mayor Andy Burnham - who I’ve known for many years – to make it happen.


I know many residents are concerned about the possible development of greenbelt land. I have spoken out about this many times and I share residents’ concerns about this. The draft spatial framework did not find the right balance of jobs, housing and protection for our green spaces and I am pleased that Mayor Andy Burnham has ordered the plan to be rewritten.

Working hard for you all year round

As your MP I have supported hundreds of community events and held regular monthly advice surgeries, open to the public with no appointment necessary, right across the constituency. I have helped thousands of local residents and businesses with urgent problems to do with tax, housing, health, education and more.



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