Rochdale - General Election 2017

Tony  Lloyd

Tony Lloyd

Rochdale Constituency

I am extremely proud and honoured to be the Labour Party’s candidate in the general election.

Throughout my time as Greater Manchester’s Mayor and Police and Crime Commissioner, I have got to know many Rochdale people well. I have lots of friends in the town. I have worked with hundreds of people, community groups, businesses and local councillors over many years.

We all have one thing in common. To change Rochdale for the better. To improve local services, attract new businesses and jobs and to build stronger communities.

I have already been out meeting residents and they have told me what they want. They want a serious MP who puts the town and people first. They want an MP who has the ability and experience to get things done. They want an MP who will push the town forward not pull it down.

In Rochdale this election is a clear fight between Labour and Conservatives. No other candidate can win here.

We have a clear choice. Five more years of unfair and deeply damaging austerity and Tory cuts to our NHS, our schools and local public services.

Or we can elect a real Labour MP who has a proven track record of working hard for residents, fighting for better hospitals and schools and to build a better society where everyone can get on in life and share our nation’s prosperity.

I will be the strong voice Rochdale needs.

Key priorities

Young people

We must invest in the best possible education for all our children. I will fight Tory plans that will mean huge budget cuts for every local school which will mean hundreds of teachers being sacked. I will be a champion of local businesses to ensure we create more better paid jobs for our young people.


We must tackle the obscenity of poverty and deprivation that has increased under the Tories and blights our town. I will fight unfair Tory cutbacks to vital Rochdale services that support young people and the elderly. Labour’s new living wage of £10 an hour will end the scourge of poverty pay.


Homelessness is a scandal and we see it every day on Rochdale’s streets. Young people cannot afford mortgages and are unable to get on the housing ladder. Waiting lists for homes to rent are rising. I will fight for more affordable homes and houses to rent to tackle Rochdale’s housing crisis.

Health Services

Our NHS is in crisis as budgets are cut and demand is rising. I will fight to end the obscenity of sick children forced to sleep on chairs in A and E departments and campaign for investment in quality health services for every Rochdale resident.


The arrival of the tram and new bus interchange have been a great boost for Rochdale, but we need to increase passenger capacity on local train services and improve the frequency and reliability of bus services.

Your vote for me will ensure a strong voice for Rochdale in Parliament.