Rochdale - General Election 2017

Andy  Littlewood

Andy Littlewood

Greater Manchester Homeless Voice
Rochdale Constituency

I am 49-years-old, live in Rochdale and am an active member of the community.

I have seen the damage that has been caused to Rochdale, by successive local and national Governments and this cannot be allowed to continue.

Since 2012, I have been an active worker on Lower Falinge, working with the residents to give them a better quality of life.

I have been chairman of the Tenants and Residents group since 2014 and the estate has come to see the benefits of the group's work. I have tirelessly worked for the residents and Central Rochdale, young and old, and will continue to do so.

I actively promote inclusiveness.

Rochdale has the highest proportion of homeless people in Greater Manchester, outside of Manchester, and this cannot be allowed to continue.

Our town is in crisis, through the failings of local government.

For too long, they were looking at Rochdale through rose tinted spectacles, and not tackling the problems.

Whilst the people knew that Rochdale had its problems, it took the withdrawal of McDonald's, from the Town Centre, for our council to look like they were doing something.

That something was to relocate our market and make it infamous. Whilst the river opening is nice and has won national awards, was this what Rochdale needed at the time?

What was needed was to promote footfall into Rochdale, to encourage businesses into the area, to provide local employment and not employ on zero hours contracts.

It is an honour to stand for election, Labour has had its chance and it is now time for change in Rochdale.