Local Election 2010

Mudassar   Razzaq

Mudassar Razzaq

Conservative Party
Kingsway Ward

I am a businessman and understand the problems of running a business. Our town centre is in deep decline and I would support the introduction of free parking on Saturdays to encourage people to shop in Rochdale. I would also support the use of business advisors for businesses instead of the seminars and meetings being currently being provided by the Council.

In addition I would support:

  1. Provision of a dedicated street sweeper for each ward
  2. Better co-ordination of the gritting service during the winter months
  3. Improvement of Sure Start and encourage more co-operation with primary schools
  4. Support for the Youth Service as this could help to fight nuisance on our streets
  5. Quality adult care is provided and closely monitored for those in need
  6. It is essential that Council Tax is kept as low as possible. The 3.99% rise this year was far too high and the highest in Greater Manchester.
  7. We will try to freeze Council Tax for 2 years and give a £50 reduction for pensioners

Local Election 2010