Local Election 2010

Peter   Rush

Peter Rush

Liberal Democrat Party
North Heywood Ward

It has been my honour and privilege to be your North ward councillor for the last 4 years.

On May 6 I am up for re-election as your local councillor.

On the same day, the general election will also be held. This means that when you go to vote you will be given two ballot papers: one for the local election and one for the general election.

It looks set to be a close battle in our ward, so every vote really does count.

I feel I have made a difference during my time as a councillor, and I have met and helped hundreds of local residents in the past four years.

I have campaigned against the past flood disasters. The Lib Dem Council have had every gully throughout the Borough cleaned, and I have sought to ensure that this has happened across Heywood. The streets are now being kept clean; nearly 100 alley-gates have been installed for the safety of residents against anti-social behaviour and to stop littering, which remains an ongoing battle.

On road safety, I have had the speed limits looked into on Rochdale Road East and Green Lane. I managed to secure funding for a puffin crossing at Queen’s park, as well as 30 mph warning signs on Queens Park Road and Rochdale Road East. I will continue to campaign for safer roads.

Another ongoing campaign is the graffiti that spoils our buildings, bridges and road signs. At all times I have my finger on the pulse so that graffiti can be dealt with as quickly as possible.

I would also like to thank the former cabinet member for the environment, Councillor Wera Hobhouse, who assisted me in securing the £350,000 funding for our cemetery extension, which was located in the same place, and finished on time.

  • I will hopefully be able to continue my work as a Councillor that I thoroughly enjoy, and I hope you will consider supporting me on May 6
  • If re-elected as a local councillor, Peter’s priorities will be: To ensure that local councillors are able to have a say on where grit boxes are positioned, to make sure that they are full and secure, and that the roads and pavements are treated urgently when appropriate. This plan must be in place before summer
  • To ensure that Heywood gets a fair share of the extra funding for our highways, and that work is progressed as soon as possible to remove the dreaded potholes
  • Working with local businesses to encourage people to use our local shops and businesses
  • More police on the streets and longer opening hours at Heywood police station
  • Addressing all aspects of anti-social behaviour and continue to help local residents get alley gates where desired
  • Protecting our rural areas from off-road biking
  • Reduce the amount of speeding traffic and to find solutions to congestion problems in Heywood
  • Improving Heywood’s public transport, and fighting to keep our local bus services
  • Securing more funds for Heywood priorities and for local residents to decide where that money is spent
  • To be always on call to deal with local issues and problems

Local Election 2010