Local Election 2010

Bernard Thomas Braiden

Bernard Thomas Braiden

Conservative Party
North Middleton Ward

I think anybody reading this may first of all ask the question that having a range of policies which you believe would be of interest to voters is only relevant if you have a realistic chance of being elected in the first place.

So let us tackle that one head on.

At the last local elections held in 2008 we doubled our vote and came within 210 votes of defeating Labour with the Lib Dems coming in last. With your continued support we can win.

It is also interesting to note that the election pitch from the Lib Dem candidate completely omits the results of the 2008 election and reverts back a further year to 2007 for a snapshot of results that no longer have any relevance.

So what about me. I have lived in Middleton for over 30 years. Believe I know the issues that concern local people and can give the time required if elected to fully support the residents in North Middleton.

My view on local matters: Like me do you think that Middleton always seems to be a poor relation to Rochdale in terms of spending and services. The two biggest parties Lib Dems and Labour never seem to bring about the changes and improvements we all want.

We need fresh thinking, it does not have to stay the same and a strong Conservative voice on the council will lead to real change for the better.

I believe that most voters simply want genuine local representatives who understand their needs and frustrations and want to see action not words. That’s my view of life and I would bring that approach to the role of being you Councilor if elected.

Below is just a selection of issues for you to ponder before you cast your vote on Thursday 6th May 2010. There are many more all equally important. 

  • The council tax increase for this year was almost 4%. The highest in Greater Manchester

    The Conservative alternative proposal was 2.9% and then frozen for the next two years. Which would you have chosen
  • The State of our Roads: Its now April and all the snow and bad weather has abated yet our roads are still full of pot holes causing damage to vehicles and danger to road users

    Where is the action from this Council? Urgent matters don’t get the attention and funding they deserve.

    The Conservatives would demand more focused use of council funds for the issues that matter to local people
  • The media department of the Council has a running cost of £2m per year. Do we really need a department of this size at a time of financial constraint. The magazine ‘Local Matters’ is part of these costs and should be scrapped.

    The Conservatives would ask the difficult questions and take the difficult decision.

Local Election 2010