Local Election 2010

Leonard   Keith Branton

Leonard Keith Branton

Conservative Party
Smallbridge & Firgrove Ward

It is definitely time for a change. Just what have the Liberal Democrats achieved in Rochdale?

Our town centre is a ghost town. The Lib/Dems tried to foist the Congestion Charge on us, the Conservatives being the only Party against the Charge. We are going to have a new Metrolink which will take one hour to get to Manchester – the train took 20 minutes.

There has been no regeneration of our town centre as was promised and it is now in a state of decline. We have one of the highest number of empty shops in Greater Manchester.

The Liberal Democrat Council has presided over the decimation of care for the elderly, with closure of care homes and was flagged up by inspectors as failing to provide adequate services. Our elderly deserve better than this.

Local Election 2010