Local Election 2010

Jane   Al-Attar

Jane Al-Attar

Liberal Democrat Party
South Middleton Ward

I’ve lived in Alkrington for most of my life, with husband and 3, now grown up, children. I attended Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School as it was. I’m in my mid 50s, a part-time teacher working for a development charity and treasurer of a local charity shop.

The Liberal Democrat ethos and policies – working towards a fairer society – suit me best, but I hope all parties, locally and nationally, can work together for the collective good in austere times ahead.

At a local level, I will campaign for a proportion of Middleton’s highways budget to be spent repairing the roads and pavements in Alkrington. Terry Smith and I have already carried out a detailed consultation with residents to identify the areas most in need of urgent repair. Difficult choices will need to be made about funding in the coming years, so I know serving as a local councillor would be a challenging and difficult task. I salute the many hard-working, long-serving councillors of every party who have worked hard for their communities and, if elected, shall aim to do my best.

Middleton Lib Dems’ priorities will be:

Better Roads and Pavements 

  • A yearly programme of road resurfacing to keep our highway network in reasonable condition.
  • Facilities for our young people .
  • Middleton needs better facilities for young people run by young people. More projects should help build bridges between young and old.

Protecting our environment

  • We will continue to promote the option of blue bins for paper and cardboard. 
  • Champion a cleaner, greener environment in our local communities. 
  • Creating a safe network of routes for walkers and cyclists.

A stronger voice for local people

  • Support residents regardless of their political beliefs get the best out of Middleton Township. 
  • Working closely with the police to reduce anti-social behaviour. 
  • Trying to secure more funds for local priorities.


Local Election 2010