Local Election 2010

Steven Scholes

Conservative Party
Spotland & Falinge Ward

Living in Spotland Ward I am well aware of your concerns regarding the Turners Asbestos site, and of course the devastating cuts in services at Rochdale Infirmary. I will work with the Conservative Team who are constantly trying to get the best possible solution to these issues for everyone.

My top priorities will be to improve the street cleaning and general maintenance in our area. Money should be switched into these areas and this could be achieved by stopping some of the Lib Dem policies, which are wasting your money. One example of Lib Dem waste is the setting up of a ‘Complaints Team’ costing £150K this is yet more unnecessary administrators. I always thought that it was the duty of Councillors to deal with complaints. Aother is the amzing fact that the Lib-Dem Council now employs 19 press officers!

Please be assured that if elected I will deal with all complaints and concerns brought to me. Together we will improve Spotland.

Local Election 2010