Heywood & Middleton - General Election 2019

Liz  McInnes

Liz McInnes

Labour Party
Heywood & Middleton Constituency

I am honoured to stand again for re-election as Heywood and Middleton’s Member of Parliament. 

Since being re-elected in 2017, I have dealt with over 7,500 cases for residents, helping them with vital everyday issues related to housing, social security and crime. I have worked closely with community groups, local businesses and local councillors and have made sure that these important voices from our community are heard in Parliament. 

This election offers the most important chance we have got to bring about change for the better in Heywood and Middleton. 

The choice for voters is clear. Another five more years of damaging cuts, which have left our NHS, emergency services and schools dangerously underfunded, or hope and change with Labour. We are offering a positive and fully-costed plan that will reinvest in our NHS, police and education, create affordable housing for all, take urgent action on the climate emergency, protect pensioners and help working families. 

On Brexit, Labour have a workable solution that will resolve this issue once and for all; renegotiate a deal that protects jobs, trade, food and environmental standards, plus workers’ rights, and put it to the people. A sensible deal or remain; we will let the people decide. 

On December 12th, we have a once in a generation chance to build a better society that works for everyone. This is what a Labour government will deliver and as your MP I will ensure that the people of Heywood and Middleton get their fair share. 

It’s time for real change, vote Labour.