Heywood & Middleton - General Election 2019

Colin W Lambert

Colin W Lambert

The Brexit Party
Heywood & Middleton Constituency

My Contract with our residents. 

Our priority is to defend our democracy and to fundamentally reform our democratic system, so our views can never be ignored again. We must make Parliament serve the people. 

Without raising taxes, we can invest £200 billion in our northern communities. Towns like ours will see:- 

  • Investment in our High Streets, with the ending of business rates outside the M25 and replacing it with an online sales tax.
  • Invest in young people and scrap interest on student loans.
  • Introduce a new workable apprenticeship scheme.
  • Abolish inheritance tax.
  • Invest in the environment, in addition to planting millions of trees to capture Co2, we will promote a global initiative at the United Nations.
  • We must recycle our own waste and make it illegal for it to be exported across the world where it is either, burnt, buried or dumped in the sea.
  • We will invest in our NHS and Social Care. With The Brexit Party, the NHS is not for sale.
  • The NHS must remain a publicly owned, comprehensive service that is free at the point of need. Your post code should not determine your care or health.
  • There will be no privatisation of the NHS; and where existing private initiatives have failed, we will return them to public ownership.
  • A Clean Break Brexit, means we can control our own national security and our borders.
  • We will ensure that the UK maintains its commitment to NATO and meets its
    commitment to spend 2% of GDP on defence as an absolute minimum.
  • Crack down on illegal immigration and stop the human tragedy associated with human trafficking.
  • Reduce annual immigration and address wage stagnation and the skills gap by introducing a fair points system that is blind to ethnic origin.
  • Increase police numbers.

We can start changing Britain for good from day one. There will be no extended ‘transition period’, no more years of wrangling with the EU. We will be free to start building our future immediately, to change politics and Britain for for good. And that’s a promise.

My contract with you, is a promise that will not be broken and is not like the two main political parties with their manifesto of lies.

I am proud to stand for The Brexit Party and to speak up and defend our democracy.
I have lived in the constituency for over 40 years, and as a parent of two children and as a teacher I am dismayed at the state of our political system. Our Parliament is not functioning for the people.

Our beautiful local countryside has to be seen as an asset and not something to be exploited. As a family we have explored our local area whilst our children are growing up, and we must remember that we are here to look after our environment for our children’s generation and others. 

I am proud to support our local farmers and take the opportunity to say ‘thank you’ to them for the generations of care they have shown in protecting and looking after our countryside, whilst continuing to provide for our needs. 

Our National Health Service has been the envy of the world, and yet successive Labour and Conservative governments have cut services from our local hospitals. I pledge to stand up for our services and let’s show our thanks to our great health workers, doctors and nurses who do a brilliant job day after day. 

I am proud that I introduced the first Armed Forces Covenant, which gave guarantees to our armed forces personnel and our veterans. And, l am proud to have their support during this campaign. 

Like many in our community, l am proud of our children and their achievements, and as a family we want the best for them now and in their future. I want the best for every young person and the best for our community. When our children discuss where they are from l want a community we can be proud of, let’s build that future together.