Local Election 2021

Philip  Massey

Philip Massey

Labour and Co-operative Party
Balderstone & Kirkholt Ward

Thank you for reading my election pitch.

It’s a privilege to have the opportunity to represent Balderstone & Kirkholt, as your Labour & Co-operative candidate.

I believe voters should be informed and able to make the right decision when choosing who to represent you and your family’s needs. You want someone who will work tirelessly to make Balderstone and Kirkholt a better place for us all to live. Someone who already has a proven track record of working in the community and who knows that actions speak louder than words.

It’s worth knowing that the person you put your trust in will deliver the best outcome for you. I will do everything I can to make a difference and would be proud to represent you on Rochdale Council.

I was born in Rochdale, and grew up here. I live and work here with my wife and two young children. I want Rochdale to be a great place to grow up in, and a great place to grow old in. I am a volunteer with Rochdale in Bloom and enjoy earning our town the national recognition it deserves.

As your Labour candidate I have already been working with your Labour team to resolve local issues and to improve facilities in our area. I’ve been working to make a difference by:

  • Getting our footpaths cleaned and brought back into use
  • Working with the police to tackle speeding vehicles
  • Having illegal fly-tipping and litter removed from the park and our public areas
  • Working with local community and voluntary groups to provide more activities for younger and older residents
  • Taking up your concerns with landlords such as RBH
  • Having potholes filled, and roads repaired.

Your experienced Labour team have supported many residents in the last year, but it’s you and your family that have made the real sacrifices and changes to your daily lives to keep friends and neighbours safe. Our NHS and frontline workers have been heroic but have struggled to deal with Coronavirus due to years of Conservative cuts in our public services and wasteful outsourcing to private companies. Coronavirus has shown us what matters most and we need to get back to a society where we look out for each other and value our public services.

If you vote for me in these elections I will be here for you as we recover from the pandemic. As soon as it is permitted I will restart weekly in person surgeries at the Strand, and at Balderstone Library, and will continue to be available to you in our local Facebook groups, and by phone and email.

Please keep in touch with any issues in your area.

Vote Labour, Vote Philip Massey

Phone: 07565 630645

Local Election 2021