Local Election 2021

Edward  Whittaker

Edward Whittaker

Green Party
Bamford Ward

On behalf of the people of Bamford, I will work to solve those day-to-day problems which we all face and which are within the power of the Council to resolve. This includes housing, littering, the environment and parks, highways, cycleways, education, community safety and nuisance, bin collection, clean air, safeguarding and planning.

I believe that global climate change is the biggest challenge our children and grandchildren will face. I will work to achieve the earliest possible complete decarbonisation in the Heywood and Rochdale Borough as a whole to give our children and grandchildren the best chance of a good life in the future.

I will support moves to end austerity and promote greater social and financial equality among residents in Rochdale.

Rochdale Green party have a local manifesto called ‘Greening Rochdale Borough’ which goes into more detail about our values, policies and plans.

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Local Election 2021