Local Election 2021

Kate  Clegg

Kate Clegg

Liberal Democrat Party
Littleborough Lakeside Ward

123 Brown Lodge Drive
OL15 0ET

Kate is 36 and lives in Smithybridge with her husband, 2 girls, 2 dogs, a cat and flock of ex-battery hens. Kate works as a lecturer in Criminology and Criminal Justice and attends Smithy Bridge Methodist church. In her limited spare time, she loves walking her dogs in the countryside around Littleborough and is a keen baker. In 2018, Kate jointly set up the Littleborough and Smithy Bridge 'Save the Greenbelt' campaign which continues to vehemently oppose the plans to build extensively on the greenbelt in our area.

"I am delighted to have been re- selected to stand for Littleborough Lakeside for the Lib Dems,” said Kate. “I felt I had to stand to give the community the chance to vote for a councillor who will truly listen and serve the constituents. I am not against building new homes so long as they genuinely meet local need and are on brownfield sites. I am deeply concerned about the climate emergency facing the country and I would love to see Littleborough Lakeside leading the way in the borough for an improved recycling scheme, a reduction in single use plastics and cleaner air."

Kate goes on; “If elected I pledge to do everything possible to bring down the levels of crime and anti-social behaviour in the ward. Speeding cars, theft, drug use and street crime just seem to be treated as low level by the police, but the feeling of being ignored and not being safe is high upon people’s priorities.”

She would also like to see safer and cleaner walking and cycling paths in the area, especially on school routes and if elected, will lobby for improvements to cycle routes and for better public transport through the reintroduction of a bus route between Littleborough and Milnrow. Kate and her family can often be seen out litter picking in the local community.

"We are lucky to live in such a beautiful area, it saddens me to see so much litter and graffiti around, I would like to see the litter bins emptied more regularly, particularly during busy weekends on the canal and at the lake.

“'A hill to die on' was how I heard it described by one observer after GM Mayor Andy Burnham spoke at the green belt hustings recently. And they were right. The Labour party are ploughing ahead with their housing plans to build across the green belt in the Pennines. Funny they haven’t mentioned it in their election campaigns though. It’s been rebranded as “Places for Everyone” but nothing has actually changed- they still want to build executive homes with little or no regard for natural heritage, wildlife, infrastructure, traffic etc. the list goes on. Don’t let Labour off the hook. A vote for me is a vote to save the green spaces, to reject Labour’s house building plans and to scrutinise local decisions and hold them to account. I pledge to continue the fight for our environment and make sure we still have 'a hill' to enjoy.” 

Kate concludes, 'Littleborough Lakeside deserves an active, energetic and enthusiastic representative who is visible, approachable and available all year round. I am 100% committed to the long term future of Littleborough Lakeside'.

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