Local Election 2021

Stephanie  Robertson

Stephanie Robertson

Liberal Democrat Party
Norden Ward

Currently working as a sales manager for a Canadian Travel Company, Stephanie Robertson has lived in Norden for the past 11 years with her family, enjoying the mix of the natural rural surroundings with the friendly village community that Norden offers.

"Having a mix of teenagers, millennials, and older people in my family, we have been faced with a vast range of issues that clearly affect us and many other residents in Norden," said Stephanie at campaign HQ.

"It enables me to see what changes are needed to keep Norden a desirable place to live, and what needs changing to encourage our younger members of the community to stay in the area. I feel privileged living here and want others to feel as passionate about our surroundings as I do."

Stephanie also has background in musical theatre and is keen to see the reopening of arts and performance venues over the summer as the UK emerges from lockdown.

Stephanie's priorities are:

Crime and Safety:
The increase in domestic break-ins, cars being stolen and the more recent carjacking and dog thefts, highlights the need for security in the Norden area to be improved. Neighbourhood Watch schemes need revisiting, encouraged and improved alongside the increase of police presence and security cameras in areas of particularly high crime activity.

Environment and Mental Health:
To address the amount of litter around the Greenbooth and Naden Valley Reservoirs. It is a popular destination for walking, cycling and running which is important for physical and mental health. There is currently far too much litter and dog fouling to enable these activities to be enjoyed fully both aesthetically and health-wise.

The plans for 56 New Houses in Norden which will affect land that lies within the greenbelt have been submitted to Rochdale council. The proposal is for 3 and 4 bedroomed, high quality residential dwellings, therefore increasing the population potentially by 250. Whilst there maybe a need for affordable housing for first time buyers in the area, this plan does not address this issue and will affect the current wildlife and vegetation. It will also create a bigger traffic issue through the village particularly at rush hour. I will oppose the current housing plan and work with the Lib Dem team to come up with a suitable alternative.

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Local Election 2021