Local Election 2021

Kat  Horrex

Kat Horrex

Green Party
North Middleton Ward

On behalf of the people of North Middleton, the Green Party Candidate Kat Horrex will work to improve all areas which affect our quality of life.

She will work to make the local area more environmentally sound, transforming local spaces to make walking, cycling, and use of public transport more attractive, and provide greater accessibility. To enquire of companies such as Metrolink, why it is that Middleton continues to lack a tram station, and to work to change this.

To reverse the effects of austerity and cutbacks.

To expand access to local mental health services, for which there are currently waiting lists of over a year.

To build more effective links between police and mental health services.

To not just tackle the symptoms of youth disenfranchisement, such as youth crime, but to address root causes, and gain greater understanding of the types of local activities young people wish to see in the local area, so that she can work to facilitate those.

Rochdale Green party have a local manifesto called ‘Greening Rochdale Borough’ which goes into more detail about our values, policies and plans.

Local Election 2021