Local Election 2021

Mick  Coats

Mick Coats

Green Party
Spotland & Falinge Ward

66 Rooley Moor Road
OL12 7BS

You may find this election address a little different , but I would ask you to give it your consideration.

I am the local candidate for Spotland and Falinge I live in the ward, not in a leafy suburb (far, far away!). Nor am I looking to start a political career.

My concern is with getting local problems dealt with. Currently they are ignored, as are the views of residents. A speed sign with smiley faces on it does not address the problem of speeding cars on Rooley Moor Road and the all too frequent crashes on the Spotland roundabouts. The most recent one causing traffic chaos.

The problem of the old TBA site is still unresolved even though the only real solution is to turn it into a country park. Any other solution is too expensive as clearing a 72 acre site of contaminated land is not viable..

Along with other residents, I have been concerned with these issues and other problems facing us in this ward. It seems that local representatives see themselves as servants of the council, not the people of Spotland and Falinge. A good example is allowing developers to promise community improvements when submitting planning applications but later allowing them to forgo these improvements.

I am standing as the Green Party candidate as I believe that they represent the way forward. There are an increasing number of Green Party councillors across the country, as well as other parties adopting Green policies. This is progress, it is the policies that are important, not the career ambitions of councillors.

We must promote policies that provide a future for our children and grandchildren. Look after the environment. Pay people properly and do not allow the greedy to profit from the pandemic. Our policies can be viewed in more detail by downloading our local manifesto called ‘Greening Rochdale Borough’.

But this is a local election, however there are policies which can be applied. There is no excuse for building on the green belt land when there is a lot of 'brownfield' sites all over Rochdale. Some of this unused land could be used by local groups for allotments or recreation until they are needed. More trees could be planted with less grass cutting. Again, ideas from residents should be canvassed.

Local people know the problems and can help with the solutions. We do not want to be patronised by politicians who tell us what they will or won't do. They need to listen. If you want a local representative talk to your friends and ask them to vote. Shake up the local establishment and make a difference.

Socially I am a Dale fan and I like a drink. I find it helps!

Mick Coats

Local Election 2021