General Election 2010

Mohammed  Salim

Mohammed Salim

Islam Zinda Baad Platform
Rochdale Constituency

I will be standing in the forthcoming General Election on the Islam Zinda Baad Platform to serve Rochdale and its people as their next MP.

I am married with eleven children. I am 52 years old. I have been unemployed for the past 5 years. I am a trained teacher, lecturer. I have worked as a teacher, and lecturer for nearly 15 years.

I am highly educated. I have lots of transferable skills. I am caring, compassionate, understanding, sensitive. I value and respect different values and norms of our Rochdale Community make up. I have been serving Rochdale community and various multidisciplinary agencies as part of my voluntary community work since the age of 16. I am a proud Rochdalian, and have lived here since 1966. In August I will be celebrating 20 year anniversary of my hunger strike outside Rochdale Town Hall.

I want to stand because Rochdale has suffered under incompetent MPs, last three in particular. The past and the sitting MP failed to put Rochdale and its people first. Who failed to put Rochdale on the UK if not world map. Rochdale and its people are suffering through discrimination by Labour and Tory governments through their policies and legislation creating a disadvantaged Rochdale community, and run down town, through lack of investment, employment opportunities, training and education, there should be greater scrutiny of the local government and elected councillors to deliver and maintain public services. The government should overcome the lack of care of elderly, lack of care of the armed forces, and lack of care of community race relations and encouragement of stronger community cohesion of the migrants whose home is Britain and Rochdale. The government should make Law and Order as its priority in order to make our streets safe again. Rochdale MP has to fight for all this by making a case for Rochdale; I can and will, whereas others have failed to do so. I will be tarnish free of the expenses scandal and row.

I will demand the return of our British troops –back home from Iraq and Afghanistan. Following the Bulger case revisit, I will demand the return to corporal punishment and hanging. I will want to see legislation that will encourage community cohesion and respect values of Islam, rather than negation.

Rochdale is victim of discrimination, divided education, divided pockets of communities and areas, disadvantaged communities. The Falinge Flats community is suffering through lack of care and education and training. Why? Why should the residents of Falinge Flats suffer discrimination? Why should Rochdale suffer, and its township getting closer and closer to a ghost town. Why? Why should Rochdale get bad media coverage? I value family unit.

I am standing on Islam Zinda Baad platform , because Islam is not just a religious faith but a guide for mankind a way of life, through love and peace and basic practices to be part of a safe and caring society. These common sense practices are the basic ten commandments of Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism or any other religious following, which help to create a social order.

Hobbies: I love travelling, writing books, photography, listening to Classical music – Qawalis in particular.

I love children, and love playing with my children and taking them out, as my best past time.

General Election 2010