Local Election 2010

Ian   Duckworth

Ian Duckworth

Conservative Party
Bamford Ward

To most local people I hope I need no introduction. I was the councillor for Bamford ward for three years 2004-2007, eventually losing my seat by just 10 votes. Losing by such a narrow margin was a painful experience, but it was softened by the many good wishes and thanks from the people of Bamford, Brimrod, Marland, Oakenrod and Sudden, which makes up the diverse area that is Bamford ward. And that is why I have decided to stand for election once more.

Those that I have helped will know, that if elected, I will work hard for all the people of the ward, no matter where they live or how they voted. I will take up any problem and see it through to the end and keep those involved informed at all times.

If and when I make a mistake (for unlike most politicians, I am not perfect) I will take responsibility, learn from my error, and try to correct it. I will not blame others, or hide from view.

As a local Conservative, I will follow our policies of the providing the best services for the lowest Council Tax, whilst protecting the most vulnerable members of society. I will support our policy of ending the expensive culture of spin within the Council, and invest the money saved in things that matter to local people, like road sweeping, street cleaning and regeneration for our neglected areas.

Change is a much overused word at the moment, but that must not devalue its real meaning. In Rochdale and Bamford ward, without change the spiral of decline will continue. The Lib Dem council has long ago run out of ideas and steam. Policy has been replaced by propaganda. Residents are told that things are fine, when they can see clearly for themselves the mess our town is in. It is an insult to the intelligence of local people and it has re-awakened in me, the fire in my belly I had when I first entered politics. And I'm up for the fight to make Rochdale a town to be proud of once more.

Local elections are important and effect everyone. Please make the effort to vote on may 6th. Your vote will count.

Local Election 2010