Local Election 2010

Alan   Taylor

Alan Taylor

Liberal Democrat Party
Healey Ward

Again I ask for your continued support in the local Election.

I have done many things in the last four years as Leader of the Council, but in the next 12 months I think these two issues are very important.

I am the Chair of the Rochdale Town Centre Committee, dealing with the redevelopment of the whole of Rochdale Town Centre. In the next few months we will be taking major decisions about the future of our Town. I am trusted by other Councillors, Officers and our Partners because of my commitment for getting the best for Rochdale. In a few years time, my achievement of getting Metrolink from Rochdale Station right into Rochdale Town Centre will be seen as a major reason for the success of the new Town Centre. I am proud that I have managed to get every decision taken by the Committee unanimously agreed by all Parties.

Locally, in Healey, I want to give more powers and finance to our Healey Forum, the next stage of our devolution plans. You don’t have to be elected to the Healey Forum, it is open to everyone who lives in Healey Ward – just turn up. Your views matter and you should take part in the decision making process. In the next few months, we need to decide on a vision for the improvement of both Cronkeyshaw and Syke Commons, but many issues are discussed concerning the Ward.

It is an honour to serve the people of Healey. I do not just turn up at election time, I keep in touch all year round.

You have two votes for this year’s local election, please vote for my close friend, Hilary Rodgers and myself.

Thank you for your support in the past. I promise the same level of commitment and service if you honour me with electing me again.

Local Election 2010