Local Election 2010

John  Hartley

John Hartley

Labour Party
Littleborough Lakeside Ward

37 Barnes Meadows
OL15 9PW

John Hartley is a born and bred Littleborough man, and has worked for the last 21 years at Fothergills, one of the towns last surviving textile mills.

Mr Hartley has decided to stand as a Labour candidate for the ward of Littleborough Lakeside after becoming increasingly frustrated at being let down by the current Liberal Democrat controlled council.

John stated “I care about Littleborough and would like to be able to do my utmost to make it a better place by listening to people’s concerns and taking onboard the issues that need to be put right. I am particularly concerned about a number of issues in Littleborough and if elected I would get to work helping local residents with their concerns.”

John continued “A number of residents have spoken to me about the dangers posed to young children and road users on Todmorden Road outside Jitterbugs Nursery. When people double park on the road it is incredibly hard for public transport and other vehicles to get through the gap, and it is an accident waiting to happen for people getting out of their cars. I would like to see a single yellow line introduced on the same side of the road as the nursery. This would allow parents and children to cross safely, improve traffic flow and reduce the risk of accidents on this stretch of road.”

“Littleborough centre has two crossings at the moment and John would like to express his concerns with the one on Church Street near the banks. Many times people stand waiting to cross and cars have just not stopped, I now feel it is only a matter of time before there is an accident, so therefore I think it would be far safer to have this made into a pelican crossing.

I would also like to see disabled access introduced at Littleborough railway station. There is currently no way of getting wheelchairs from the floor up onto the station. This is not only a problem for disabled passengers; it is also extremely difficult for mothers with prams to lift their prams up the steps onto the station platform.”

John concluded “I am not interested in the mainstream political goings on at Westminster. My heart lies in Littleborough and if elected I would like voters to rest assured that Littleborough Lakeside will be my one and only concern.”

Local Election 2010