Local Election 2010

Michael  Frank  Butler

Michael Frank Butler

Conservative Party
Balderstone & Kirkholt Ward

If elected as the Councillor for the Balderstone Ward I will be supporting the following local Conservative policies.

Council Tax rise reduced and to be frozen for the next 2 years.

Free parking on Saturdays. Employ a business advisor to help small businesses, instead of the seminars and ‘talking shops’ .Re-evaluate Government money to ensure spending benefits our town centres.

Employ a dedicated street sweeper for each ward. Ensure improved maintenance for roads and footpaths. Clean and repair street furniture. Provide better planning of the gritting service.

I will continue to support Sure Start and encourage close working with our primary schools. I will support the policy to devolve more money from the Council’s Education Budget to schools.

I will support the Youth Service as this vital service engages our young people and helps prevent youth nuisance.

I will ensure quality adult care is provided and closely monitored for those in need.

Local Election 2010