Local Election 2014

Lee M Durrant

Lee M Durrant

Healey Ward

I want to improve the quality of our lives here in Healey ward.

What motivates me is getting things done. In my view, that is what being a councillor is for, to achieve results for the public.

I have been successful in bringing about a number of improvements in our area, which I have outlined in my recent leaflets, and I am appealing to you to give me the extra clout and authority which being your councillor would give to my many campaigns. I like to think there is so much more I could do for Healey.

Re-open Chaseley Road

For example, I am campaigning to have Chaseley Road re-opened. This would ease the morning congestion on Shawclough Road/Falinge Road considerably. I have already received great support for this campaign, and hope to add even more signatures to my petition during this election contest.

20 is plenty

I would also like to see a 20mph speed limit for residential streets. This would help safeguard our children and senior citizens.

It is unrealistic to promise that I have solutions for all the problems that face our ward. But I can promise that I will be tireless and tenacious in seeking those solutions.

I was able to get cameras installed on Syke Common, which has deterred motor bikers from charging up and down the common. Repeat offenders can now be identified and will have their bikes impounded and destroyed.

When I was an officer of Rochdale Council, I was instrumental in gaining the funding for security measures such as intercoms, door chains, alley gates, fences, additional lighting and cameras in various parts of our ward.

I believe that persistence, determination and imagination bring about positive outcomes. I believe in action, not hollow words, in concrete results, not meaningless policy documents.

Together we can make a difference.

Local Election 2014