Local Election 2014

Peter  John  Davison

Peter John Davison

Castleton Ward

It has been my privilege to represent the people of Castleton for the past 14 years, the last three and a half as an Independent councillor.

During this time I have dealt with more than 2,500 concerns from residents which have always been handled with care and compassion.

I have held two surgeries each month, one at Castleton Community Centre and a second at Chesham Estate, where I have lived for most of my life.

As an Independent, I am free from Party political ties which allows me to get on with my work in the Ward instead of making up the numbers by sitting on numerous committees, which in my experience, amount to little more than talking shops.

I am my own man who is familiar with every inch of Castleton Ward.

I am the man for Castleton who meets residents on a daily basis whilst walking through the village.

I am a man who always makes time for a chat and who is also a very good listener.

If it is your wish that I should represent you for a further four years as your Independent councillor, then please give me your vote on Thursday, 22nd May.

Peter J. Davison.

Local Election 2014