Local Election 2014

Andy Littlewood

Central Rochdale Ward

I have lived in Rochdale since 2007, and have been a resident of Lower Falinge and Central Rochdale from 2010. I am an active member of the community and do much work with the children and young people on the Lower Falinge Estate, in addition to being chair of Lower Falinge Activity Group, a group that represents the tenants and residents of Lower Falinge. I am also studying with The Open University and am half-way to completing my Mathematics Degree.

In 2011, Rochdale Council proposed to transfer its housing stock over to Rochdale Boroughwide Housing (RBH), 76% of their tenants voted yes to this and the transfer went ahead in 2012. One of the promises that were made by RBH, was that tenants would see a significant improvement in all service areas. Two years later, the tenants are still waiting.

The repairs service leaves a lot to be desired, missed appointments being the most common complaint along with the reduction in opening hours of the Estate’s Housing Office. On the 24 April, RBH have announced the closure of Lower Falinge 1Shop from the end of May, even though the Greater Manchester Police and Crime Commissionaire has announced a significant amount of funding for Lower Falinge, for which RBH can apply. Two weeks ago, I met Cllr Colin Lambert (Leader of the Council) and Cllr Sultan Ali (The Labour councillor standing for re-election in Central Rochdale) on the issue of the 1Shop and was told “This matter is in hand and there is nothing to worry about”. This has turned into a false promise.

Lower Falinge and the surrounding area has been ignored by The Council, with Cllr Colin Lambert saying in 2013, “The Council has ignored Lower Falinge, and other areas, for the past twenty-years”. I was promised by Cllr Lambert, that I would be invited to Committee Meetings to say how the area could be improved. Twelve-months later, I am still waiting for the invitation.

The waste land on Old Mill Street, opposite Lower Falinge Estate is an eyesore, with the current “boarding off” of the land being in a very bad state of repair. The majority of the boarding has been blown down, or damaged, with a lot of the remaining boards loose and very unsafe in high winds. Whilst I acknowledge that the Council do not own the land, they have a duty to ensure that their residents are not put in danger.

Being independent, I have no political ties. I have no party line to follow and would vote for what is best for Central Rochdale and its residents.

Think about what Labour, Conservatives and Liberal Democrats have done for Central Rochdale and then think how the area could be.

Be INDEPENDENT, make your vote count and vote Andy Littlewood.

Local Election 2014