Local Election 2014

Ian   Duckworth

Ian Duckworth

Bamford Ward

I have had the honour to represent the residents of Bamford, Brimrod, Marland and Sudden for a total of 7 years.

During all this time I have never forgotten that I am a servant of local people, not their master.

This being the case, I have always worked alongside them on local issues like the victorious battle to stop the Council from creating a cemetery on greenbelt land. This was a fight that the powers that be, described as a “done deal”. Little did they know of the determination and organisation of the people of the ward.

Also alongside residents, I campaigned against the Lib Dems plans to ruin Springfield Park by imposing a golf driving Range on this irreplaceable green space. They failed, and Friends of Springfield Park have gone from strength to strength ever since. Transforming the park into the beautiful place it is today.

These are just two examples of people power. But a councillor’s life doesn’t just consist of huge and dramatic issues, from filling potholes, to representing the public at planning meetings, such things as these are the bread and butter of an elected members life, and they are of just as great importance to the people affected.

There are two things people often say of the Conservatives councillors in Bamford Ward. “You’re the only ones we ever see” and “You’re the only ones who get anything done.

I would ask local people to remember these words when candidates from other parties visit them, or put leaflets through their doors. “Where have you been for the last two years”? Would be another good question.

I will also continue to work with councillors from all parties for the good of our town. They have many genuine and talented people within their ranks who are also striving to make things better.

I started by saying what an honour it was to be a councillor, I hope this will continue, so please make the effort to vote on May the 22nd.

Local Election 2014