Local Election 2014

Mervyn Clive Simpson

Norden Ward

Introduction: My name is Mervyn Clive Simpson. I am a Chartered Forester keeping employed through my own abilities and tenacity. Operating a small contracting business, I rely on my knowledge and experience to produce enough revenue to get me through the year.

Our country proudly retains a global reputation for compassion, tolerance, fairness and equality, I am proud to describe myself an Englishman, it’s a view I wish to use without sceptic or jingoistic connotations. I want to be afforded the same patriotic indulgence as a Welshman, Scotsman or Irishman.

Although by heritage many of us are part mongrelised European, as a nation in my opinion we differ from Europe, naturally more reserved forms part of our global appeal. Political and social agendas often intertwined in Europe, yet ours developed separated by the neutral yet exclusive English Channel. It is just that way, we always traded with Europe and we always will, if Germany has goods we want to buy, they will always sell, and vice versa.

The difference is if we leave the EU as a partner, trade negotiations will need to be renegotiated and we need to ask:

“Is the Englishman capable of negotiating”?

Is that too simplistic considering as a nation we do not negotiate our national trade deals anymore since all that is carried out on our behalf from Brussels.

I believe we can negotiate our own deals and dictate our own agenda and law. The world is dynamically changing, the emerging future markets of China, India and South America could be negotiated easier and more successfully by ourselves, it’s what we once did very successfully, trade ambassadors were our invention.

If we are incapable of presenting ourselves to the world and not producing the innovative entrepreneurial products, services and skills, it is time we should start the grammar schools again and allow the children from less advantaged backgrounds to compete with the exclusive fee paying schools currently filling Whitehall, we may need to remind ourselves at what can be achieved if opportunity is provided for.
As Rochdalians we have to recover from recent and continuous expositions of poor standards, inadequate safeguards and a lack of care by those in positions to know and do something about it.

We have to bring in a new order and give the residents confidence again. I worked for 5 years as a Volunteer Director with Heywoods’ “New Deal” Team helping to put together many successful projects including: The Sports Centre, The Business Development Centre (TOPs), Health Connections Centre, Sure Start Facilities, Woodlands school, and many other community programmes. I would be privileged to use this experience and common sense to deliver for Rochdale: changes for improvements.
Whatever the scenario, the people of this country deserve and should be given: adequate, honest, transparent debate resulting in a vote on our future in Europe.

Can we survive open borders? Can we afford our services swamped?

Do we want to pay £55Million every day to prop up a disintegrating Euro-Club?

A vote for UKIP in your local May elections is a vote for NO More Complacency.

Local Election 2014