Local Election 2014

Glynis Ann Coats

Glynis Ann Coats

Littleborough Lakeside Ward

I am a retired primary school teacher, living and working in Rochdale for over 20 years.

Many of the securities that our parents and grandparents fought for – a functioning National Health Service, free education, and an affordable home – now look out of reach for most of us. Coupled with this climate change is bringing unpredictable and threatening weather patterns.

People feel let down by politicians, and there has been an explosion in political activism. People want to do things differently and aren’t afraid to be bold and challenging.

We’re fed up with policies that tinker around the edges. We want real change that benefits people and the environment.

A real change from austerity and welfare cuts to investment and decent jobs.

A real change from privatisation for the benefit of the 1% to public management of essential services not driven by corporate greed.

A real change from subsidies to fracking and dependence on fossil fuels to a sustainable world we can pass on to our children.

If elected as your local councillor these policies will be at the heart of my work.

Please vote GREEN in the Euro elections and GLYNIS COATS (Green) in the local elections on Thursday 22 May.

Local Election 2014