Rochdale - General Election 2015

Mohammed  Masud

Mohammed Masud

UK Independence Party
Rochdale Constituency


Mohammed Masud is the UKIP parliamentary candidate for Rochdale in the General Election.

Mohammed, who has previously been a councillor in Oldham, is standing for the Rochdale seat as he believes he has enough knowledge to help local people.

Speaking to Rochdale Online, he said: “Part of this constituency was previously part of Oldham East and Saddleworth and it now neighbours that constituency so I feel that I know what is going on in the area as well as being able to identify with the people of the constituency.”

Mohammed, who works as a housing officer, joined UKIP last year having previously been a member of Labour and the Liberal Democrats.

“I joined UKIP because once the Liberal Democrats got into power, they broke their promises and that is not something I am about. We said we were going to abolish tuition fees and then when the coalition happened, that didn’t happen. It was a broken promise and I didn’t like that,” said Mohammed.

Despite not living in the town, Mohammed wants to help bring inward investment into Rochdale, help bring crime and disorder down and help with social housing problems he sees.

He added: “I will meet with investors and speak to them about coming to the town. I will meet with people to discuss what they want and I will meet with the Chief Executive of the council to ensure people are brought in and issues are addressed.

“It won’t be easy because nothing in life is easy but if you are passionate about something then I believe you can ensure that it happens.”

UKIP has also stated that despite allegations that they will privatise the NHS, Mohammed has stated that this is not the plan.

He said: “We want to keep the NHS free from the first point of call for people and not make it private. We also want to get rid of the bedroom tax. This is not fair to people who want to have a spare bedroom. If someone has a two bedroom flat and the spare room is a box room for people to use when they are visiting from abroad because they can’t afford to put them in a hotel, then it isn’t fair that they should be taxed.

“There is also a growing problem of people using food banks. That number has increased since this government came into power and that is also a problem locally and it shouldn’t be a problem. The cost of living has gone up but incomes have not gone up.”

Mohammed will be looking to take the seat from current MP Simon Danczuk and is confident that he will be successful.

He said: “It is time for a new MP and that is what people are telling me. The mainstream parties are scared of UKIP and the former leader of the council has also admitted that. Councillor Colin Lambert has said that he fears UKIP will take the Heywood and Middleton seat so that shows that they are scared.

“Heywood and Middleton was a safe Labour seat and John brought the majority down from 6,000 to 600 so that shows that nowhere is safe and I am confident we can take both seats.”

Mohammed has also stated that when he wins the seat, he will move to live in Rochdale.