Rochdale - General Election 2015

Kevin Alastair Bryan

Kevin Alastair Bryan

National Front
Rochdale Constituency


Kevin Bryan is the parliamentary candidate for the National Front for Rochdale.

Speaking to Rochdale Online, Mr Bryan said: “I’ve done a lot of work in Rochdale with certain things that are going on, so as the Chairman of the National Front, I have really got the option of where I want to stand and I have decided to stand in Rochdale.”

Mr Bryan joined the National Front over 30 years ago. He then followed the ex-leader John Tyndall to the BNP where he stayed for 23 years. He went on to run the Rochdale branch of the BNP for nine years and built it up to 90 members. Mr Bryan also ran Rossendale BNP with up to 40 members.

Mr Bryan then left the BNP when the party opened up its membership to other races, something he says was against his beliefs. My Bryan has been back in the National Front for five years. After a year he was elected as Deputy Chairman and is now Party Leader.

When asked why he chose to stand in Rochdale, he said: “There are several reasons really and what has been going on [Child Sexual Exploitation] is an obvious factor and we are the only party that stands against it.”

If elected as the MP for Rochdale, Mr Bryan wants to ensure that Rochdale is in the news for all of the right reasons.

He said: “Basically, I would make sure Rochdale is in the news for all the right reasons. I would make sure that any MP or councillor abusing their positions would be exposed. I would fight for justice for the children that were groomed and any police, local authority or councillor that abused their position and closed their eyes to what was going on through the years would be sacked and would lose their pensions. Those who have gone quietly with a healthy pay off, I would make sure that was all paid back. These people should be disgraced for what they did.

“There is a lot of cleaning up that needs to be done in Rochdale. They spend millions on the tram system. The tram system is to bring people in to Rochdale but the town centre is such a shambles that there is nowhere for people to go shopping. The tram system is just taking people out of Rochdale to shop in places like Bury. Rochdale town centre resembles something of a zombie apocalypse.”

If elected as the MP for Rochdale, My Bryan believes that going forward and completing his work would be hard.

He added: “The National Front hasn’t got any elected councillors in Rochdale so I would be a sole voice and it would be very hard to achieve what I want to achieve. I would do my best to show the people that the National Front is not the schism that the media have portrayed for all of these years. The National Front has been in existence for 50 years and in all of those years we have told the truth.”

Even though Mr Bryan doesn’t think he can win the seat, he does think that it is time the town had a new MP, but says he isn’t worried about any party in particular.

He said: “I class all of the parties as the same. They are all part of the same system and that includes UKIP.

“I will be happy if I can get 5% of the vote and get my deposit back. But because UKIP are around and have that spotlight, they will get a big vote.”

For those unsure who to vote for, My Bryan said: “Take a look at what has happened over the last 50 years in this country. Every politician has let you down.

"The media for the last 50 years has always gone on the offensive against the National Front and called us all the names under the sun, but at the end of the day we are the only party that have told the truth for the last 50 years and everything that we warned about has come true and it will continue to come true.”