Local Election 2015

Neil  Rutter

Neil Rutter

Balderstone & Kirkholt Ward

I would like 2 minutes of your time, that's all it will take to read this pitch. I am the Green Party candidate for Balderstone and Kirkholt.

Local elections in the UK have been overshadowed by the general election but now more than ever local government will play a vital role in YOUR life.

Whether we like it or not Devo Manc has been thrust upon the people of Greater Manchester. The entrenched local Labour government of Manchester with the help of the Labour controlled Rochdale council (and other local councils) have made a back room deal with Westminster Tories.

Devo Manc has been heralded as a win win for local democracy and devolved government – in reality Labour has made a deal with the devil and sold its soul in a cynical grab for power. The Tories have got their additional layer of government dictatorship in the form of a city Mayor and cut out a slice of the NHS at the same time. (a budget of approximately £6billion for health and social care) A win for the Tories and Labour at the expense of the people who have had no chance to vote on any of these misconceived proposals.

With these massive changes to local government it is vital there is a voice for the 'Green' principles of social justice and equality. Policies that are for 'the common good'.

The housing crisis is a national scandal but there are many housing problems in Rochdale that the council has not addressed. On the Kirkholt estate there are whole streets of once decent homes boarded up and left to rot. A shameful waste while decent working families have no choice but to live in expensive privately owned housing often inappropriate to their needs.

The politics of the future doesn’t have to look like the politics of the past.
Vote Green Party on May 7 and you can help to build a society that works for everybody.

Neil Rutter

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Twitter : Neil Rutter @YourGreenVote

Local Election 2015


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