Local Election 2015

Patricia  Sullivan

Patricia Sullivan

Bamford Ward

I have nearly completed four years as a Conservative Councillor for Bamford, which includes the areas of Brimrod, Marland & Sudden, and am standing for re-election on 7 May.

During this time I have helped many residents with issues such as street cleaning, potholes, sorting out problems with refuse collections, organising the removal of fly tipping, and many, many more.

As well as the above I have:

• fought against proposed development in the Green Belt and other protected Green Spaces;
• provided planters for different areas of the Ward to improve the environment;
• been a strong voice on the Township Committee to ensure Bamford gets its fair share of funding, for example, repairing highways;
• worked hard with residents to replace the 469 bus service by another service, albeit at the moment limited.

This is just a snapshot of what I have been working on over the last four years, and I am always available to residents to try and help resolve their local problems and issues.

Before I became a Ward Councillor for Bamford I was a teacher/trainer at Hopwood Hall College and have a First Class Degree in English and Education and also a Masters in English as a Second Language. I am married and have two children, now both grown up and working. My husband and I are also very proud grandparents.

My working history has been varied but one of the most interesting was the seven years I spent in Paris and Brussels working for NATO. This broadened my outlook and gave me a good insight into how services, such as health, work in other countries.

This year the local elections are very different as they are on the same day as the General Election. This can be very confusing for the electorate.

Local elections are about local issues and I would like people to remember that I am their local candidate and have been a very visible presence in the Ward over the last four years.

I write and deliver regular leaflets to keep residents informed, which is something other parties haven't done. Over this election period I am trying to visit as many people as possible to show them who I am and why they should consider voting for me on 7 May.

Your vote is very important. Please vote for me on 7 May and help me to continue to improve Bamford Ward.

Local Election 2015


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