Local Election 2015

Stephen George Sanderson

Stephen George Sanderson

Castleton Ward

I am pleased to stand in Castleton for the United Kingdom Independence Party UKIP.

I have lived in Castleton for 24 years married with three children, all educated locally.

My working life has been spent in Engineering within the Defence Sector.

I am standing for election to represent the community.

If elected I promise to do my very best for everyone in our Castleton ward.

My priorities, it’s all about people.


  • Care for the elderly - How well we treat and look after older people is a measure of a civilised society.
  • Young people –far too many are still out of work – thorough careers advice and access to relevant education and apprenticeship schemes we can ensure training for Business and Jobs. 
  • Local business and shops - deserve support to help regenerate the area we have had industry and retail leave our village Woolworths, Whipp and Bourne and more recently Carcraft.

We need an integrated plan for Castleton that includes all the existing industrial & retail facilities within our Village at Stakehill, Manchester Road, Royle Road, Nixon Street and Queensway including Gorrels Way.


I am seeking your support so we can effectively tackle important local concerns lack of local amenities and regenerate Castleton to enhance our village

I will not support any developments which harm their interests. Building on green belt/green-field sites – I am pleased to say that this is not a popular idea in Castleton.

My working life has been spent in within Engineering having previously been a union representative helping in the workplace and community has been a priority to me.

I am standing for election because I have the time, commitment and energy to represent the interests of our community.

If elected I promise to do my very best for everyone in Castleton, believe in personal freedom and genuine democracy that gives local people a real voice in local matters that concern them.

Feel that the time is right in Castleton to make a real change to the village to address many local people’s concerns.

Local Election 2015


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