Local Election 2015

Farooq  Ahmed

Farooq Ahmed

Rochdale First
Central Rochdale Ward

My name is Farooq Ahmed and I will be defending my seat in Central Ward, where I have been a councillor for eight years. I will also be standing to become the MP for Rochdale.

I was born & bred in Rochdale, where I grew up through a very positive and productive childhood & youth.

I have been serving & representing this town in many different roles through my life: Initially through my work as a young volunteer, then as a youth worker, which inspired me to stand for the local Council election to promote & bring constructive and positive improvements into the Borough. I am known to be one of the most experience Councillor for the town with ample of expertise & development skills.

As a young person, I was the founder of the local youth council, which was then was used as a model to inspire youth empowerment & engagement throughout local authorities across the country. I was awarded with national recognition as a Community Champion by 10 Downing Street in 2004.

I have been representing Rochdale Central Ward since being elected in 2007. I have held many important & key decision making positions - including the Finance Portfolio Holder in Cabinet (since 2010 - 2014) in what was one of the most financially challenging times, this borough has faced.

I would like to put the people of "Rochdale First" on the map, in a positive light for all the good things we have in the Borough:

  • Our beautiful heritage
  • Our Mill town
  • Our healthy Volunteering sector
  • Our successful small & big businesses
  • Our success in education. 

Let’s stand united to bring back, our once thriving town!

People are fed up of the promises made by the mainstream Parties. We do Not want a politician representing our town in Westminster:

  • Who has Not got years of local knowledge, 
  • Who has Not lived & worked in the locality 
  • Who has Not got knowledge of the needs & difficulties of the people of this town. 

"Let's be Positive because, I believe being Positive Generates Positivity"


Local Election 2015


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