Local Election 2015

Andy Littlewood

Central Rochdale Ward

I have lived in Rochdale since 2007 and have been a resident of Central Rochdale and Lower Falinge since 2010. I am a volunteer worker in the Lower Falinge community and do much work with the children and young people of the estate. I have seen how this work has made a change to members of the community and I aim to continue with this work.

Living on Lower Falinge, I have seen how both Labour and Liberal Democrats have ignored the area, with the ex-leader of The Council, Colin Lambert, publicly stating that the Council had ignored Lower Falinge and other areas of Rochdale for twenty years. I firmly believe that The Council are wasting money, and between Labour and Liberal Democrats, they have systematically run Rochdale into the ground.

We have Number 1, The Riverside, which cost £50m to build, yet is valued at £22.5m at today's prices. A loss of £27.5m to the Council Tax payer. The business rates of the new building, this year, are an extra £582,810 compared to the Black Box. How can this waste be justified, especially when people are struggling to cover their own day to day expenses?

Drake Street was dug up so the Metrolink line could be laid and two bus stops were taken away. The Council now decide it will cost £189,000 to replace one of them. Why was this not done at the same time as the track laying? Drake Street businesses suffered immensely during the track laying and no one thought of replacing the bus stop?

Rochdale is renowned for its Town Hall and its beautiful architecture; yet the building is so underused. The Town Hall needs to be a working Town Hall and a focal point of the town.

Three years ago, the Council transferred its stock of housing over to Rochdale Boroughwide Housing (RBH). RBH tenants were promised everything but not much has transpired. Tenants are still living in damp and mouldy houses, yet RBH drag their heels. Repairs are still hotch-potch and openness and honesty is not an RBH priority.

If elected, I would work tirelessly for Central Rochdale. I would ensure that budgets for Central Rochdale were used in Central Rochdale. I would also ensure that all available grants for Central Rochdale were used for Central Rochdale. Lower Falinge has begun to see the benefit and so can Central Rochdale as a whole.

On 7 May, Be INDEPENDENT and vote Andy Littlewood.

Local Election 2015


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