Local Election 2015

Andrew   Neilson

Andrew Neilson

Healey Ward

I have had the privilege of representing YOU on Rochdale Council for the past five years. During this time I have helped in bringing about a number of improvements in our area. These include:


  • the re-instatement of bus route 446/447, installation of improved street lighting,
  • the removal of fly tipping,
  • many recycling initiatives,
  • the speedy eviction of illegally squatting travellers,
  • securing grit boxes, support for the “20 is plenty” campaign to make our streets safe for children,
  • the re-surfacing of roads
  • and many more measures.

This has been against a background when as one former Labour minister in 2010 said “There is no money left".


It takes real determination in such circumstances to achieve results. I like to think that given a further term, there is much more I could do for Healey.

I was pleased to have got the 446/447 bus route re-instated, but dismayed that a couple of years later, the route was again altered, resulting in considerable inconvenience to many Healey residents.

I am delighted that my campaign to have the route previously in operation for bus route 446/447 re-instated has been successful, and will commence in the next few weeks.

I cannot promise to wave a magic wand and solve all the problems that face our ward. But I can promise that I will be vigilant in ensuring that Healey gets the funding it needs for the likes of roads, policing, green spaces and schools. I will continue to try my hardest to resolve all the issues which concern Healey residents.

I first stood for election here in 1992, and I think that my persistence in standing, year after year, building support, before finally being elected 18 years later, indicates my commitment to our area. I will continue resolutely to press Healey's case.

Even my Labour opponent, in this election, has said I will work hard for you.

"Community before Politics" has been my watchword, in putting Healey Ward first.

On May 7th you will have 2 votes, one for Parliament in which you can give your verdict on national and international matters, and one for Rochdale Council in which you can decide who is most deserving of your support on local issues.

I hope I have earned your trust.

With kind regards,

Andrew Neilson

Local Election 2015


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