Local Election 2015

Michael John Foster

Michael John Foster

Hopwood Hall Ward

I am standing as a UKIP candidate in these elections, because I want to provide an independent voice for Hopwood Hall in Rochdale Council.

I firmly believe in UKIP policies at national level, and believe those common sense ideas are essential at local level.

UKIP is all about bringing power back to the people, by applying the common sense of the man in the street. This has been sadly lacking in Rochdale Council, who lurch from crisis to crisis. This negative image is harming the town. We need councillors who can spot problems when they occur, not promise enquiries after the event has happened.

A true democracy needs a healthy opposition, and this is lacking at the moment. The Con/Lib parties are widely distrusted and Labour have it too easy. UKIP are the only party in the North who can provide effective opposition.

On a personal level, I am a retired Science Teacher, married with 3 grown up children; and have lived in Heywood for most of my life and in this ward for the past 40 years.

I am a ‘Green Volunteer’, helping Rochdale Council Rangers with environmental work around Heywood and Middleton.

I am appalled by the decision to build a new link road across the green fields of Hopwood from the M62 to Hareshill Road. This road is unnecessary and will lead to ‘ribbon development’ all along this corridor beside the M62; destroying even more of or precious countryside.

At the moment Heywood enjoys open country on all four sides, and this is a hugely attractive asset for the town.

I fear this will not last long with the present administration. My opposition to all such plans will be more effective as a member of the Council.

I will work to ensure that Hopwood Hall gets its full share of investment so that we have the facilities which other areas of Rochdale enjoy, and so benefit all residents both young and old.

I would be honoured to represent Hopwood Hall and pledge to represent all constituents to the best of my ability.

Local Election 2015


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