Area Forums


Some of the issues that can be discussed at forums in your area:

The Forums also provide an opportunity to voice opinions to the Local Strategic Partnership, which is shaping the future of the whole Borough, and all of its services for the next 20 years.

All the minutes from area forums are reported to the Township meeting. The area forums are considered to be a way of taking the process of local involvement to a very local level, and are seen as an informal extension of the Township Meeting. Issues raised at the forums can therefore be raised again at Township if needed.

Area Forums have been introduced over the last few years to allow the people of Rochdale Township to have a say on how they want things to happen in the area that they live. It is your chance to have your say, "to tell the Council" what you want, and make a difference. Depending on the area that you live in. Forums are held up to a maximum of 4 times a year. Thanks to the Forums there have been many benefits for the people of Rochdale. The forums in each area of the Township are at different stages. In some areas we are either attending already established meetings or have helped to set up
and develop a forum for a specific area, whilst in other areas we are still investigating the best way forward.

To find out what is happening in your area, or to register an interest in being involved, please contact us.

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